How To Join Every CPA Network Without A Website

Many people struggle to gain acceptance inside networks. Here are my easy essential tips for getting accepted into any network.

Create a professional-looking business websiteordpress is preferable, and a visually appealing theme would suffice.

Your internet marketing experience is at least 1.5 years – they want semi-new affiliates. By telling them this, they will be far more likely to approve you, mostly because they do not want rookies who will tarnish the network’s name.

What kinds of “verticals” or offers do you promote? – Anything that converts, then tell them about some you’ve previously marketed. This does not have to be complicated; simply be prepared to offer a few examples, such as health, ringtones, and so on.

Have a REAL email address at your business domain, not a gmail or hotmail account – The majority of unscrupulous scam applicants use free email services.

They perceive you as a real and serious applicant who is professional about their work if you use a business email such as

Use to answer the phone Hello, this is “Your name” from “Your company” – This is another simple suggestion, but it is critical. Don’t answer the phone with “How’s it going, man?”

Have a professional voicemail message – Hello, this is “Your name from your firm” I am either not at my desk OR on the phone. Please leave your name, phone number, and a brief note, and I will contact you as soon as possible. If you have Notorious B.I.G. blasting in the background, it will create the wrong impression…you may be a gangster in your after they’ve phoned.
This is critical. Call all networks the next day! – This demonstrates that you are a proactive affiliate, that you are serious and eager to get started, and they like this.

Here are some common questions you should be prepared to answer before speaking with them:

Q: How many unique visitors do you get each month?
Q: How do you get visitors?
A:I create blogs and websites, and I gain visitors via Google PPC.
Q: How long have you been in the Internet Marketing business?
A:1 and a half years
Q: What has previously worked for you?
A:Nothing but PPC
Q: What vertical/category/type of offer do you want to advertise or have previously promoted?
A:I’ve done gaming, freebies, health, ringtones, email submissions, and so on.
Q: Do you provide incentives?
Q: What is your advertising budget?
A:$100.00 per day
Q: Do you collaborate with any other networks, and if so, which ones?
A:YES, name any you’ve been accepted to or any random ones.
Q: How did you find out about us?
A:I heard through a friend, but he doesn’t work with you.

If you follow all of the above steps, you will automatically be approved into every network…but what if you don’t have a website?

I understand that many of you may not have hosting/domains, therefore…

Here’s how you can get accepted quickly as well.

Join a Network

When completing your application, look for the comment section (each network has one) and type something like this…

“I’m a double opt-in email marketer with around 9,000 geo-targeted emails. I send out a weekly/daily newsletter to my members that includes a variety of offers “..

If the programme requires you to input a website, simply type This informs the person examining your application that you are an email marketer.

Submit your application (via a business email) and follow the instructions I already explained (professional voicemail, answering your phone correctly etc)

So you receive the call, and this is how you should answer the questions…which, in this case, will be about email marketing.

So you first call them:

YOU: My name is Bruce Lee. I have 9 months of experience as an email marketer. I have about 9,000 geo-targeted, double opt-in emails.

AM: May I enquire as to how you obtained those email addresses?

YOU: I manage numerous membership websites that provide my members with free ebooks and daily emails. Members have double-opted in to get my emails, and I include special deals in my newsletters. (Note: Membership sites can be about anything…debt, freebies, health, etc., so don’t tell them what you’ll be marketing.)

AM: That’s fantastic. Can you show me one of your websites?

YOU: I’d show you, but I’ve had far too many of my websites stolen in the past. (It is not uncommon for networks to investigate your traffic sources and copy (steal) your promotion tactics, so don’t tell them!)

AM: That’s fine with me. Can you tell me how you send your emails and what service you use? Do you use a suppression list?

YOU: I use Aweber to deliver my emails, and each one includes an opt-out at the bottom. Yes, I use a suppression list for each network.

AM: OK, how many individuals unsubscribe from your email list each month?

YOU: I’d guess around 2%.

AM: This sounds fantastic; what kinds of discounts do you promote?

You are practically accepted at this point, and the affiliate manager would only need to know what offers you are interested in so they can assist you locate the finest ones to promote. Here are several examples: Health, entertainment, ringtones, and so on

If you are concerned that you have been accepted but that they believe you are an email marketer, don’t be. You may advertise their offers in whatever way you see fit, as long as you do not do anything BlueFart.

A quick remark about concealing your traffic sources:

networks can readily determine where your traffic is coming from and, unless you hide it, can rob you of all your hard work. Hiding your traffic sources is nothing BlueFart, but it merely prevents them from replicating or stealing your promotional techniques.

Here’s an example: If the AM could readily see that all of your traffic was coming from a specific landing page you were utilising with Adwords, they may try to figure out what keywords you were bidding on. They’d have all of your hard work in finding profitable converting keywords there in front of them, ready to go!

Hide your traffic is beyond the scope of this thread, so I’ll make a small thread for you later.

For the time being, you have some amazing options for getting into any CPA network, whether you have a website/blog or not!

You should obviously edit the facts in these instances to make your application sound more personalised to you; for example, you don’t need to say 9,000 emails (any figure will do grand, upwards of 7,000 is perfect)

So get started, and I hope you learned some useful insights from this article!

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