How to get Accepted by any CPA network in 2022

One of the most often asked topics by novices is how to get recognised by any network.

Many of them raise this issue because Internet marketing bloggers and vloggers portray as being picky about who they accept with little or no expertise.

And this has resulted in a significant setback for anyone seeking to earn a career through marketing.

So, I’m not going to argue with those bloggers or vloggers about being stringent.

But, based on my four years of experience as a publisher, I can tell you that getting accepted into any network of your choice is far too easy.

However, one reason certain prominent may reject any application to join their programme is because the answers to their inquiries do not persuade them.

Step 1: The Fundamentals

One of the first questions that any CPA network will ask you is for your basic information.

The network wants to learn about you in this section. They may display fields that request your name, company name, and email address.

Now you must respond to the questions by supplying the necessary information in each field.

Let’s respond to them all collectively.

Name: Please include your full name and surname.

Company name: The name by which a corporation is known. So, if you intend to function as a firm or group of people, you can add its name as well.

However, they may often bracket optional for this question.

Email address: You must provide a valid email address. This will allow them to contact you or start communication with you.

Step 2: Security concerns

Security questions are questions that the network can use to identify you or your account if you forget your login information, enter incorrect credentials, or want to reset things like your password. or alter your username

They may present you with fields for password and retyping the password, security question 1 and its answer, and security question 2 and its answer at this section.

Let us now address the security concerns.

Password: You must supply a secret word as your password in order to log in or acquire authorisation to your network account.

Re-type your password: Enter the same password in the re-type password area.

I recommend that you use a password that you can easily remember. Don’t forget to include capital and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters.

Security question 1: For your security question 1, you must submit an answerable question. For instance, security question 1: mother’s maiden name. Answer Patience.

Security question 2: Follow the same steps as in security question 1.

Step 3: Questions about Contact Information
This section is essentially a continuation of the previous one.

It is being used by the CPA network to build your profile. They want to know about you and how they may contact you.

As a result, they may ask for information such as your mobile phone number, time zone, when they may reach you, and your Skype handle.

Phone number: I’m assuming you have a phone. By providing your cell phone number, the CPA network will be able to contact you by phone call.

I would urge that you offer an active mobile phone number.

What time zone are you in? The CPA network would want to know what time it is in your country or geographical location.

So, what time zone are you in? GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), ECT (European Central Time), MET (Middle East Time), and so on.

When are you available? The CPA network would like to know when you want them to call you.

So, do you want them to contact you by 6 a.m., 9 a.m., or 5 p.m.? You have an option.

What is your Skype ID? Skype is a free programme that allows users to make internet calls and send instant messages.

It is critical to include your Skype handle. Because you can quickly communicate with your affiliate manager over Skype once the CPA network accepts you into their programme.

If you don’t already have a Skype account, please do so; it’s completely free.

Step 4: Respond to Information Concerns
Contact information: The CPA network wants to know where you live or where you are from in the address information inquiries.

Address information questions may include fields such as street address, city, state, nation, zip code, or postal code.

What Comes Next?

If you follow this guide correctly, I believe you will have a good chance of being approved into any CPA network of your choice.

So, don’t be terrified of the CPA network’s queries. When you see the questions, take a deep breath and complete all of the procedures outlined in this guide.

I hope you found this guide to be useful.

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