Applying To Join A CPA Network in 2022

With the affiliate marketing business expected to expand to over $7 billion by 2020, it’s safe to conclude that this advertising approach is here to stay. networks are quickly becoming an important element of the affiliate economy, with many marketers flocking to these platforms to help them acquire better deals. Of course, this translates to more profitable campaigns.

How to Select a Network

Whether you’re a new affiliate or have been doing it for a while, joining a better network is the first step towards having access to better offers. However, most networks have an application process and other factors that will influence your approval and the overall performance of your future ads.

We’ll go over the procedures you need to follow to apply for a CPA network and provide advice to assist you get acquainted with the process below. To help you succeed, we’ve included quotations from Roman, one of our seasoned affiliate marketing experts here at PropellerAds.

The First Step – The Application

The application process is the initial step in becoming a member of any network. “All networks allow you to apply online, albeit the process varies greatly depending on the platform,” Roman notes.

According to our affiliate specialist, the application can typically be divided into two formats:

Alternative A

Option A requires affiliates to fill out a detailed online form on the network’s website. “Marketers that fill out the application must often outline their experience as an affiliate and specify the verticals with which they operate. Questions about GEOs and dollar projections for your monthly volume are also typical.”

After you submit the form, a network account manager will contact you and set up a chat via Skype, Telegram, or another medium that works best for them. “Account managers are wonderful because they not only aid with the screening process, but they also listen to your objectives, needs, and criteria to help you hit the ground running if you get accepted,” says Roman.

B is an alternative.

Other networks’ application processes may differ. While this is identical to Option A, certain platforms will require you to complete out a short form. The account manager will then contact you personally to get information about your speciality, GEOs, experience, and other pertinent information.

The Personal Manager is the second step

Once accepted, you may be allocated a new account manager or continue to work with the same one that handled your on-boarding. Remember that your relationship with your account manager can have a significant impact on the success of your efforts.

Step 3 – Benefits and Assistance

Joining an affiliate network entails more than just submitting an application and putting in the effort. Yes, obtaining fantastic offers and support from your network is important, but you’ll also reap a slew of other benefits if your performance is up to par.

Some networks assist affiliates by providing lookalike audiences via Facebook. These networks can also produce banners, landing pages, and pre-landers to aid the affiliate’s marketing.

Affiliates will also benefit from some unique perks in terms of pleasure and enjoyment. These are some examples:

Tickets to exclusive industry events
Passes to the most popular affiliate expos and summits
bonus stores that let you to purchase physical products with network bonus points
Gifts for birthdays, New Year’s, and other holidays

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