8 Things to Consider Before Choosing a CPA Network

Before committing to a network, affiliates and digital marketers must consider a variety of things. Before you sign on the dotted line, here are eight characteristics of a successful network.

1 – Select a Vertical

Some networks provide offers across multiple verticals, while others focus on certain niches.

Working with a partner who is well-versed in one or two verticals is perfect if you are selecting an affiliate programme for the first time. Managers in tightly focused networks are less prone to spread themselves too thin and have more in-depth knowledge of their specialities.

LeadBit, for example, is a niche international network that focuses on the popular and lucrative Nutra, Gambling, and Dating verticals. LeadBit’s managers have gained a depth of understanding in these specific domains by devoting to these specific fields.

2 – Examine the Reliability of Network Options

Next, look for a reputable network. Begin by reviewing affiliate programme rankings and ratings from various sources. The more information you can get about an affiliate programme, the more reliable it should be.

Look for networks that have been in the market for a while, since they will have more experience and better deals to run. In addition, they will have a greater understanding of the market than newer operations.

LeadBit, for example, has a trustworthy reputation because it has been on the market since 2014. While the company specialises in three areas, LeadBit has created over 1,500 global offers in-house or through the greatest advertisers in those industries.

3 – Compensation and Frequency

Payment terms are one of the most significant considerations when choosing a network.

Compare offer payments and learn about the risk of rate increases before making a commitment. Inquire about hold availability and payment schedules. Payments should be made as soon as possible. Examine prefered payment options as well to ensure that the network meets your requirements.

LeadBit pays on demand, with a minimum payout of $50, one of the lowest limits on the market. LeadBit may also assist you with your cash flow, and they accept capitalist, WebMoney, Paxum, credit card, wire transfer, PayPal, Qiwi, or Bitcoin. If you choose, the organisation will also deposit your compensation to your MGID and Datspush accounts.

4 – Examine Offers and Geographic Collections

Consider vertical and geographic (GEO) availability before settling on a network.

Remember that it is all about quality, not quantity. The purpose of studying these offers is to find a network with a diverse set of sectors and geographies. To compensate, the network you use should feature high-quality offerings.

LeadBit’s 1,500 offers are always fresh, thoroughly vetted, and high-performing as an industry leader.

5 – Communication and Transparency

Another factor to consider while selecting a network is communication from the network’s side.

When you sign up, you should be allocated a personal manager to help you choose and approve proposals. If the manager is slow or unresponsive, it’s likely that the network as a whole isn’t paying close enough attention to the specifics that will maximise your offer.

LeadBit’s managers, on the other hand, know their fields from A to Z and are constantly available to provide direction and assistance. This includes looking for the greatest prices and caps, as well as offering good and proactive client service.

6 – Elements of Creativity

Working with a network that can give a number of creative aspects simplifies the entire procedure. For an effective, high-converting offer, you’ll need landing pages, banners, ad text recommendations, and more.

LeadBit has the infrastructure to provide more assets to affiliates, as well as dynamic tools to streamline the process. LeadBit also releases a monthly Hot Topic Report for members that is packed with value and industry insights.

7 – Approval Ease

Another strong indicator of a network’s quality is its ease of acceptance. Professional affiliates, for example, have few difficulties applying to networks. However, some networks will refuse an affiliate for no apparent reason or will take an inordinate length of time to accept an account.

Because not all CPA networks are welcoming to newcomers, the situation may be considerably more challenging for them. As a result, obtaining a solid and stable network is a difficult challenge for them.

LeadBit’s powerful network, on the other hand, has over 2,500 active affiliates and can support new entrants into the area who are prepared to work hard and achieve. For approved applicants, this includes a quick approval process.

8 – Participation in Major Industry Events

Finally, top networks are usually present at significant industry events such as expos and conferences. You can use an affiliate calendar to discover if your network is participating in forthcoming industry events or when it sponsored important events.

Because LeadBit has offices in the United Kingdom, Russia, India, and Ukraine, the company is frequently present at big affiliate events. LeadBit is also the organiser of the Moscow Affiliate Conference (MAC).

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