8 CPA Network Interview Questions Tips

This article will show you 8 Interview Questions Tips. Joining a is one of the first actions you should do if you want to generate money through .

When you’ve completed this, you’ll be well on your way to earning money through CPA, and many people consider the application to join a network to be the most important aspect of the process.

The biggest advice for ensuring a successful phone interview is to be able to market yourself, your business, or your website. Consider anything that characterises you and your company in a favourable light.

Interview Question Tips for Beginners

1 – How do you persuade people to come to your website?
The network wants to ensure that you are receiving genuine visitors and that your website is legitimate. You’ll be fine if you get traffic through SEO and PPC.

2 – How did you find out about us?
This is a more casual enquiry. Simply state that their network was recommended to you or that you searched for a reputable one and theirs came up.

3 – What is your monthly advertising budget?
If this comes up, you can either state you get enough traffic naturally that you don’t need to pay for advertising, or you get a lot of visitors through advertising and spend $500+ each month.

4 – What is your monthly unique visitor count?
Why would a network permit someone who only receives 10 unique visitors per month? You get the idea. They want to know that you have an audience for their offers. They are normally aiming for more than 10K unique visitors each month, preferably in the 30K+ area.

5 – What kinds of offers are you looking for?
The network is trying to figure out what your niche is. If you want to market something, just state you want to promote high-converting offerings.

6 – Do you have any promotional deals on your website?
NEVER SAY NO! You can’t tell people to click on your advertising like you can with Google AdSense. Though, as we see more and more material locking CPA networks, incentivizing offers might be acceptable (through offering guides or other downloads).

7 – How long have you been using the internet?
The network wants to know if you are completely new to CPA. Even if you are, it isn’t a huge deal. Simply tell them how long you’ve been engaged in internet marketing (at least a year).

8 – Are you affiliated with any other companies?
The network wants to know if you are new to CPA or if you have prior experience. It’s best if you mention you’re a member of two or three others. Choose any ones you like. This is to demonstrate your experience and that other networks have placed their trust in you. There’s a sticky topic here with a long list of them (the network you are applying to will not check to make sure you are apart of the ones you say you are).

Tips for new marketers that want to join and flourish in the

Examine the reputation of the . Before applying to a , use reviews as a criterion to assess its reputation. Make use of native advertising. Native advertising is a type of advertising in which the ads integrate into the appearance and function of the media format in which they appear.

This sort of advertising provides a nice user experience and is typically highly effective in increasing traffic because it does not appear to be sponsored advertising.

Employ a manager. Consider enlisting the assistance of managers to help you maximise conversions and give constant brand information and updates on landing pages.

When it comes down to it, they just want to know that you will sell their products in a way that their advertising will approve of. It does not need to reinvent the wheel; it only needs to persuade a network that you are worth the effort. Explain why you opted to join their network and demonstrate that you understand CPA.


A network may reject applicants if they believe they are applying because they believe they should rather than because they understand CPA.

Acceptance into a major is a significant step towards earning money through Internet marketing. If you nail the interview, you might be generating good money very quickly.

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